"The Pie Cake is incredible"

Danielle, AZ Rollergirl

"My favorite is The King Cup, 'cause anything with bacon is delicious"

Ed, Local Businessman

"The Raspberry Lemonade Cup is refreshing and light, perfect for summer"

James, Warehouse Mgr.

"I love the Mud Cup 'cause it's chocolate and gummy candy, my childhood favs"

Sean, Vitamin Specialist

"I don't like sweets that much, but I love Kiki's cupcakes"

Stephen, Gaming Master

"Champagne Pear Cup tastes exactly the way a cupcake it supposed to taste"

Christina, Student

"The Caramel Apple Cup takes me back to old times"

George, Retired Ironworker

"Thank you so much to you and your team for always going the extra mile to make our events special"

Lori, Bookmans Mesa, AZ

"The desserts created by Kiki's Cupcake Service during our holiday party were incredibly fantastic! I was truly surprised not only by their delicious taste but by their beauty! Please pass on my gratitude to the chef, as the goodies made our party so much more special. Thank you! "

Denise Kids Need to Read Organization -Mesa, AZ

"My cupcake maker is a genius!"

Sam, Lo-Fi Coffee, Mesa, AZ

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